The META 14 (Horizontal & Vertical)

Foundational Movement Programs

The META 14 H (horizontal) and V (vertical) helps create balance in the “laying” and “standing” trunk by performing 7 neuromuscular exercises for each, which assist in building awareness, stability and balance in the foot, knee, hip, pelvis, spine, rib cage, neck and head.

We first start with The META 7H™ (horizontal) foundational movement training program. You start on the ground to organize and develop neuromuscular coordination in the muscles that surround the trunk and build awareness of your individual body blue print, your movement patterns and how the trunk muscles activate.  We measure 4 metrics in each movement that consist of; alignment, neuromuscular coordination, strength and endurance. When you have displayed proficiency in all 4 metrics in all 7 movements you are eligible to perform the test out.  After passing the proficiency test out, you’ll receive a certificate of proficiency and a  ‘Get Horizontal’        t-shirt. Then you can move on to  The META 7V™ (vertical).

After exemplifying your understanding of the horizontal movements, we progress to The META 7V™ (vertical). Here, we integrate the legs and arms by building neuromuscular coordination and joint understanding of the standing body. We educate you on foundational movements such as hip, knee and ankle hinging. When you have displayed proficiency in all 4 metrics in all 7 vertical movements you become eligible to test out.  After graduating The META 14  you’ll gain education, awareness, strength, stability, endurance and an overall understanding of your body.  You’re then eligible to continue into META Infinity Training where we train complex movement patterns and specific sport training.

  • META Infinity Training means that you have mastered the The META 14 foundational movement training program and you continue to fine tune form and function.
  • META 14 Group Classes are a community based training environment where all participants learn fundamental  META 14 foundational movements.

META MVMT™ was developed with multiple bodywork, chiropractic, kinesiology, athletic development and physical therapy influences, including the work of Dr. Craig Liebenson, Stuart McGill, Gray Cook and Ida Rolf.

Individual Appointments

1 hour = $69

2 Person Appoinments

1 hour = $114

We start all META MVMT programs with an assessment followed by personal instruction of  The META 14 foundational movement programs.

META Infinity Training

1 hour = $79

META Infinity Training means that you have mastered the The META 14 foundational movement training program and you want to continue the fine tuning of form and function.

META MVMT™ Classes

The META 14 group classes

Learn The META 14  Foundational movement program in a group setting.  You’ll learn the 7 horizontal movements first, while gaining detailed education on your musculoskeletal system.


META 7 Horizontal

6 sessions (Save $20)

META 7 Vertical

6 sessions (Save $20)

The Ultimate Alignment & Performance package

The 10 series Myofascial Re-patterning, 6 META 7 horizontal , 8 META 7 vertical sessions, 1 META Infinity Training session ($200 savings)