4 MVMT Programs

1st)  DPR™ (Daily Posture Reset™) and ASR™  (Athlete Specific Reset™)

2nd)  The META 7 Horizontal™

3rd) The META 7 Vertical™

= The META 14™

4th) META Infinity Training™

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1st) DPR™ (Daily Posture Reset™) &

       ASR™ (Athlete Specific Reset™)

Consider that the way we know how to walk, sit, stand, run, bend over, twist, jump or reach for something was primarily a self taught or a role modeled pattern.  We watch how others do it, then we perform it.  Or we just jump into something and if it doesn’t cause pain, it justifies the movement.  Both of these can lead to faulty and poor movement patterns that lead to deterioration, pain and fatigue.  Then we blame it on is aging.  META MVMT® believes we can re-educate the way we move, so that it doesn’t cause more pain and the good movement patterns will elevate us to a happy life.

It’s important for each human to have a daily posture reset to bring the body back to a state of ‘Functional Ease’ and balance to lessen the impact of demands.

Through the course of your 4 session reset pack, you’ll receive 7 custom mvmt’s specific to your Individual Body Blue-print.  To see an even greater change in your body, consider adding 3 90 minute massage sessions.  The massage will help unwind, untangle and re-organize the soft tissue, while the mvmt’s help stabilize the body in it’s new form.

Optimal Scheduling:  One DPR™ or ASR™ appointment weekly for 3 weeks, then the 4th appointment is scheduled 5 weeks after the third appointment.

Why is this Optimal?  META MVMT® is committed to retraining your movement and posture patterns.  Therefore, we train precise and specific concepts the first 3 sessions then invite you to practice daily to engrain the new pattern.  During the course of the 4 weeks until your final DPR™ and ASR™ appointment, the old pattern will want to interrupt and intercept the new pattern. At your 4th appointment we assess how the new pattern is holding and we fine tune where needed.

Where to go after completing the  DPR™ or ASR™?

  1.  The META 7 Horizontal™
  2. The META 7 Vertical™
  3. META Infinity Training™